Sunday, 31 October 2010

Concepting: Sails

Ok, so today has been mainly concerned with research driven conception for the sails of our junk. I Started today by finding and compilleing a mood board  of sails, both modern and traditional. I then used my awsome tracing abillities to distill them to their basic shapes.

From these shapes, i chose my favorite image, which i felt displayed all of the traditional qualities that we wish to include for our Junk sails.

So using my research, and adapting it to suit our needs i came up with this concept image for our sails. I will need to pitch to my group before they are accepted, but i feel that this is as far as I can take them today.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Concepting: Interiors

Ok so for the last week and a bit we have been concepting so that we can come up with a plan for our Junk. At first i was incharge of concepting for the kitchen and dinning area of our ship. Here are some pictures i came up with to help visualize our intentions.

This is a concept for a small stove which i found whilst searching for chinese cooking resources
After our first official lesson however we had thought about the ship in a lot more detail and so I was put in charge with comming up with concepts for the storage areas. I found this quite a challenging brief, as at first thought, you would assume that a storage room is best when its empty and devoid of furnishings ect. But after some idea generation and i had some initial ideas down up on the screen, i felt much more confident we can make this a dynamic and interesting area. Here are some of the pictures and plans i have been working on:

Another thing i have been put in charge of to concept is the sails of the boat, however i feel more research is needed before progressing to initial designs and ideas.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Concepting: Exterior of the ship

Ok so by the time we reached the concepting stage of this project we have designated Ollie and Ash to be working on the exterior of the ship, however i wasnt gonna pass up the oppotunity to play around with my own conceptual images. Here are a few images i did based on the observations which i've also included below:

These are just a few i have done thus far, I intend to do a lot more, my group just happens to be so efficient that we are attempting to finalize initial ideas as soon as possible. I will be adding far more drawings soon. Besides, I have mainly been working on interiors (which will be my next post!)