Saturday, 4 December 2010

My Scene - Living quaters

Ok so the project is going through a vast modeling and texturing stage now. We have all been put in charge of putting together different scenes, which means modelling and gathering models from others in our group. My shot is the living quaters, so after consulting the work plan, the animatic and my own thoughts I have put together a list of what I think I will need to do and get done to make this scene a sucsessful environment.

High Res:
dagger - seen up close. not ornemental, plain, working class.
Emporers dead note - badly conditioned paper, impaled with the dagger saying that the emporers dead
opium pipe - (taken from gambleing scene)

Med Res:

Pillars - More or less cylindrical wooden mast like pillars stretching from ceiling to floor.
Beams - to run along the roof twice or maybe 3 times
Swords - more or less plain swords to occupy the background

Lanterns - paper ribbed oval-sphearical lanterns to provide a dim orange/red light

Hammocks - Cloth material suspended by ropes, stretching from pillars to walls

Low Res:
Bottles - broken and unbroken to occupy the floor and cloth hammocks
bags - to litter floor, walls and hammocks
hooks - to hold hammocks and bags and be dotted around the walls
books - to lay open and closed in a couple of places
ceramic pots - to occupy the far corner of the room
pillows - on hammocks and floor\
scraps of paper - to litter the floor
lengths of rope - from cut hammocks to litter the pillars and floor
eating bowls - some whole some broken to litter floor

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Navigation tools RenderTest

Ok so ive spent the last couple of days working on my assigned models for the admirals room. I have really enjoyed modelling so far and I have been thinking since the summer to specialize in this role. I am also starting to get the hang of UV's, having not really done a huge amount before this project. I also however really enjoy playing with lighting and rendering, so here is a render test I did to both practice and see how my models/textures have come out.