Friday, 19 November 2010

A Slight Re-addressal!

Ok so after talking to jared, who inspired us to push our work further and develop a story, we sat down and did just that! It was a good day, running from around 10am until 3am the following day, but we got there!

I wont go into the full story here but heres a sum-up.

A letter from the late emperor is being read as the ship starts on its journey. There are clouds on the horizon however and as we proceed down to the lower levels of the ship all is not how it seems. Scraps of information about a revolt and remmision of the junk and a final word about the emporor himself.....

I hope that wet your apitite!

HEre are a couple of little animatics i did whilst we were talking. Each took almost less time to make as they do to play but enjoy!

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