Friday, 19 November 2010

This is how we roll!

Ok so sorry i havent posted in a few days, ive been so busy doing the work!

ill start with this post and hopfully catch up to date with whats been happening with the subsequent posts.

This is How We Roll!!!!!

I was asked by the producer Ollie to make everyone aware of how we want to be working on this project. Here is what i sent everybody:

Hey guy's we will be working with a naming convention when modelling and texturing. Here is how filenames should be layed out:

for (.mb)
(model name)(modeller name)

for (textures and bumps)
(texture name)(type)(texture artist)


all textures and images should be saved in the 'source images' folder.
all models should be saved in the 'Scenes' folder.
all test renders should be saved in the images file.

Also we have discussed how to model and position files within our boat. Here is a breakdown in steps:
1) open the shot you are currently working on.

2) create a new piece of geometry and place it where the object is you are going to model. Try and get the size/shape near enough right.

3) copy and paste this geometry into a new scene and model it there.

4) if you need to move the model during modeling then keep a copy at the location so you can re position it for importing directly into the same place within the shot.

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